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Pack Electrical Boxes NeatlyInto home DIY? Great, we’ve got you covered! We’re going to provide you with the latest hints and tips to help with your home improvements. We’ll focus on electrical, wiring, and related best practices… but don’t count out other, related subjects, like customization for… what ever you like.

For the home, we’ll show you how you can save a little money by learning a few simple, but effective, tips and tricks that electricians don’t want you to know. Heck, after we’re done showing you new things… you’ll be able to inspect electrical work, safe in the knowledge that you have a good understanding whether the job has been done correctly or not.

In fact, let’s just start with some helpful tips right now!

Home wiring
So you want to rewire you house. This involves buying and laying lots of coiled wire. What’s the problem? Well… it’s coiled for a start and there isn’t much you can do until you’ve straighten the stuff out. You try and pull 10 meters work of coil through a dry wall… you’ll soon see that its a pain in the butt! To combat this… what you need to do is get your pack of coiled wire. Remove the plastic sheath and pull the wire out from the center. Lay it all out in one line — do this outside if you need to. Next, work your way along the wire, straightening it along the way. Remove Sheathing from Underground Feeder (UF) Cable

Oh — while we touch on the subject. How about removing sheaths. This can be a pain also, due to their thickness and durability. For this little trick, you’re  gonna needs to sets of pliers and a Stanley knife. With your fresh roll of wire, take one end and make a 1cm cut in the middle, along its length… you don’t have to go far. Then, grip one side of the wire with one set of pliers and the other side with the other set of pliers. Pull! The sheath will come away from the copper wire with little argument. Now you’re free to wire plugs, lights, appliances… in fact… anything that needs a wire really. Great stuff.

Ok — that’s it for now, check back later for more updates!